How to roast shrimp: 3 ways

cilantro lime shrimp

cilantro lime shrimp

If you ask the hubby what his favorite food is, without hesitation his answer will be “shrimp.” Every shrimp dish I’ve ever made for him has been a winner in his book, because in his mind, there are no “bad” shrimp dishes. I happen to think he’s right! I love to cook shrimp dishes because they’re easily and quickly defrosted from their frozen state, cooked for a few minutes, and they’re ready to eat. They literally go from freezer to plate in 20 minutes, something I can never say about any kind of meat!

I’ve recently found some recipes where the shimp are roasted instead of sautéed, and I LOVE this idea. Throw the defrosted shrimp in a baking dish with some sweet or savory ingredients, pop it in the oven for 15 minutes (max) and dinner is D-O-N-E. No more flipping each individual shrimp or watching them to make sure they’re not overdone. Roasting shrimp in the oven takes all the guesswork out of the process, it’s completely foolproof, and it’s my new favorite way to cook shrimp. Keep reading for a few roasted shrimp recipes from some of my favorite food blogs out there!
This cilantro lime baked shrimp (see pic at top of page) from Gimme Some Oven was so delicious, the hubby asked for it as his birthday meal! I used coconut oil instead of butter, which paired well with the Mexican lime/cilantro flavor. I’m convinced that the panko is the ‘secret ingredient’ that makes this dish so amazing.

garlicky baked shrimp

garlicky baked shrimp right out of the oven

Similarly, this garlicky baked shrimp has a lemon and wine base and reminds me of a (delicious) cross between shrimp scampi and my fave Spanish restaurant staple, shrimp ajillo (aka garlic shrimp). Again, the bread crumbs don’t hurt…

garlicky baked shrimp

garlicky baked shrimp

To sweeten things up a bit, try this sweet lemon shrimp from Damn Delicious — it’s as amazing as it sounds! All of these recipes are super quick to whip up and they’re insanely flavorful. Welcome to your new go-to weeknight dinner recipes!

Recipes from: Gimme Some Oven, Damn Delicious
Photography: Lighten Up Recipes


9 thoughts on “How to roast shrimp: 3 ways

  1. Pinning! Your food photography is fantastic – really, it is! I just had to pop up and read “about” to see if you are a professionally trained chef and to learn you are self-taught is incredible. I can look at a recipe and taste it – I can’t wait to make it!

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