Lightened-up no-bake chocolate eclair cake

lightened-up no-bake chocolate eclair cakeApparently this no-bake eclair cake recipe has been around for MANY years and has just as many fans, but I must admit that it’s brand new to me! Layers of creamy vanilla custard, graham crackers and chocolate AND it’s completely no-bake…how have I not heard about this dreamy dessert sooner?

I absolutely love this version of the classic eclair cake and it tastes just as amazing with lightened-up ingredients. I used sugar-free fat-free vanilla pudding mix and whipped it up with skim milk and light frozen whipped topping for the custard filling. Low-fat sugar graham crackers work perfectly and they soften up in the refrigerator after the required ‘chill’ time to really resemble the texture of an eclair pastry! My favorite tip for this recipe is to microwave a jar of chocolate frosting and simply pour it over the top, creating the most PERFECT thick layer of chocolate goodness with zero effort.

lightened-up no-bake chocolate eclair cake

The recipe calls for a 9×13 pan and the cake can definitely feed a crowd! Leftovers freeze well, just thaw the cake out in the refrigerator. Enjoy this creamy dreamy dessert…I know I have!

Lightened-up no-bake chocolate eclair cake
Click here for the full recipe at Mommy’s Kitchen

Ingredients I used:
Sugar-free fat-free vanilla pudding mix
Skim milk
Light frozen whipped topping
Low-fat sugar graham crackers
Milk chocolate frosting (can use sugar-free frosting)

Recipe source: Mommy’s Kitchen
Photography: Lighten Up Recipes


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